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Word List

collate collected count dive dye edit edited experienced exterminate return ski stay talk tie touched use


1He ___ the hot iron after I told him not to touch it. (7)
5He had (collect) a lot of stamps. (9)
7We will have to get someone who is (experience) in writing advertisements. (11)
10We were going to ___ in Australia a month but stayed a year. (4)
11She used a computer at her last job and they want her to ___ one in her new job. (3)
12My mother and I sat and talked all night. I love to ___ to my mother. (4)
13He said he ___ the manuscript but I saw his secretary edit it. (6)


1I showed him how to ___ his shoe laces and then I tied mine. (3)
2He collated the pages but they are not in order. I will have to ___

them again. (7)
3We will have to ___ the insects we never exterminated yesterday. (11)
4If I don't ___ tomorrow, I will ring you after I have returned. (6)
6He dived off the high board and now he wants me to ___ from the same board. (4)
7The author edited his story but
the publisher will ___ it again. (4)
8I counted 325 sheep but I will ___ them again. (5)
9I showed her how to ___ her jumper blue but she dyed it red. (3)
10I skied last winter and hope I can ___ this winter as well. (3)

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