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Word List

add design dial edit edited end ended examined exterminate hired hug invited needed saved tie transcribed voted


1I (need) a new pair of shoes for the wedding. (6)
5I dialed the wrong number. Will you ___ it for me please? (4)
7We had elections yesterday and I (vote) for my friend. (5)
8I never (edit) the email before I sent it. (6)
9We (hire) a car to drive through Italy. (5)
12Why is he here? He was not (invite). (7)
13She recorded her story onto tape and them she (transcribe) it. (11)
15The doctor (examined) me and said I was OK. (8)


2We exterminated some termites yesterday and will ___ the rest today. (11)

3The movie (end) before he arrived. (5)
4He said he edited the article, but I think I will have to ___ it again. (4)
6She told me to ___ one cup of flour but I added two. (3)
9He hugged me but I didn't want him to ___ me. (3)
10The lifeguard on the beach (save) the surfer. (5)
11She designs dresses. I want her to ___ my wedding dress. (6)
13The cowboy tied one of his horses to a tree but did not ___ the other one. (3)
14I could not stop reading the story until I got to the ___ . (3)

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