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Word List

acted count eject end erase exercised experienced exterminate kiss poured race rent tie transcribed use yield


1When you told me you were (experience), I thought you had driven a tractor before. (11)
3He tape it and I (transcribe) it. (11)
5I raced him yesterday but he wants to ___ me again today. (4)
7We rented a house in Sydney but now we have to ___ another house in London. (4)
11He used a metal spoon to stir the soup but I told him he should always ___ a wooden spoon. (3)
12The police officer (act) upon the information I gave him. (5)
14The seminar ended with a party. We always ___ our seminars with parties. (3)
15He (exercise) for a month before the race. (9)


1If we use a new spray, we can ___ all the insects we did not exterminate before. (11)

2The pilot was shown how to ___ although he said he had ejected before. (5)
4I have counted the sheep six times but each time I ___ them I get a different number. (5)
6I erased all my mistakes but the teacher told me not to ___ anything. (5)
8She tried to pour the hot water into the cup but ___ it all over
the table. (6)
9I yielded to his argument this time but I will never ___ again. (5)
10He kissed me last night. I hope he will ___ me tonight. (4)
13The gardener tied the tomato plants to stakes. He said you get more tomatoes if you ___ them to stakes. (3)

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