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Word List

catch cut do eat go heard hid hidden hide hit lie light ridden shut swam taken think understand was win withdrew


1I caught the ball everytime yesterday. Watch me ___ this ball. (5)
3Will you ___ that candle. I have already lit mine. (5)
5He has (hide) the money and we can't find it. (6)
7He (swim) in the ocean every day. (4)
8He won last week when no one thought he would ___ . (3)
9I think he understood me yesterday but I will ask him if he can ___ me, today. (10)
12I got ___ on the head by a golf ball. (3)
13Have you ever (ride) a horse? (6)
14He did some work last week but he will have to ___ it again. (2)
15I knew he had ___ the car because I saw him take it. (5)


1He ___ his finger with a knife yesterday. (3)
2If we ___ in the shed he won't find us. I hid in there yesterday. (4)

3He has lain on that bed since midday. He likes to ___ down every afternoon. (3)
4He has gone. I saw him ___ yesterday morning. (2)
5I (hear) a loud noise this morning. (5)
6He (withdraw) from the election. (8)
7We could not go into the park because the gates were ___ . (4)
8He has been to my home
before. He ___ here yesterday. (3)
10I have eaten at many restaurants. I like to ___ good food. (3)
11"Have you thought about getting married?" "Yes, but I don't ___ I will." (5)
12He (hide) the gold in the back of the car. (3)


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