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Word List

ate become begin bit broke brought catch drive go lie put sewn speak swept tell thought threw took understood written


1I ___ the floor this morning. There is no need to sweep it now. (5)
3The dog ___ my friend. I hope it doesn't bite me. (3)
6She had (write) me a letter last week. (7)
8I drove to Melbourne last week and I want to ___ to Brisbane next week. (5)
9I heard the window break. Who ___ it? (5)
10For lunch yesterday, I (eat) an apple. (3)
12My parents told me to only ___ when spoken to. (5)
13Have you (think) about getting a better job. (7)
14If I ___ down now, I will go to sleep. I laid there yesterday and went to sleep. (3)
15My friend ___ his sister last week. I hope he will bring her this week. (7)


1She had ___ some buttons onto my shirt. I see her sew on buttons all day. (4)
2Did you ___ the milk in the 'fridge? (3)
3I want to ___ learning English. My sister began last week. (5)
4He has thrown the ball to me before. He ___ it to me yesterday. (5)
5My teacher ___ me, why can't you understand me? (10)
7The money was taken to the

bank this morning. I think the manager ___ it. (4)
9We became very good friends. I hope his wife and I can ___ good friends. (6)
11My brother caught a lot of fish. I can never ___ any. (5)
13He told a lie. I could never ___ a lie. (4)
16He must be gone by now. I told him to ___ last week. (2)


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