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Word List

be brought catch caught did do get go had hang hidden hit let lose ran rewrote ride think thought tore understand


1I ___ about going to Africa but I don't think I will. (7)
5I (run) all the way home. (3)
6We have to ___ them come to the wedding. (3)
7You were well behaved yesterday, so please ___ well behaved today. (2)
8This letter has been rewritten. Who ___ it. (7)
10Another car ___ my car in the rear. (3)
11I hung the washing out to dry. I have to ___ it on the balcony. (4)
12If your money is (hide) well, it will be safe. (6)
14I (catch) a bad cold when I was on holidays. (6)
16"Did you ring your mother?" "No, I will ___ it now." (2)


1I thought I might apply for that new job. What do you ___ ? (5)
2I've got the meat, can you ___ some vegetables. (3)
3I (tear) a hole in my jeans. (4)
4I understood him but he could not ___ me. (10)
5I rode my bicycle yesterday. Can you ___ a bicycle? (4)
6I lost my watch yesterday. I hate it when I ___ anything. (4)

7We (bring) some wine with us to have with dinner. (7)
9I caught this train yesterday. I ___ the same train every day. (5)
10Has he (have) his breakfast yet? (3)
13How (do) you do that without me seeing? (3)
15If she has gone to the party, I will have to ___ also. (2)


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