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Word List

ate be bring chosen did do fed felt fly get had hide lain lay rewound risen saw see understand withdrawn


1He had (rise) from the chair before I walked into the room. (5)
2Who was that lady I (see) you with last night? (3)
6When will you have your breakfast? I ___ mine half an hour ago. (3)
7If he understood me, why can't you ___ me? (10)
9He had ___ on the grass and she lay next to him. (4)
10He flew in yesterday but has to ___ out tomorrow. (3)
11I told her not to ___ any cakes but she brought a box full. (5)
13She had hidden her money under the mat and I ___ mine in a box. (4)
15He ___ some of his homework last night and will do some more today. (3)
16I feel happy today but I ___ sad yesterday. (4)


1I told you to always rewind the tape. Has this tape been ___ ? (7)
3I told him not to withdraw the money from the bank account but he said he had already ___ it. (9)
4I will have to choose a dress for the wedding. Have you ___ one yet? (6)
5I haven't seen her for a couple of weeks. I think I will ___ her today. (3)
8She ___ all the cakes and there were none left for me to

eat. (3)
9You lie on that bed, I always ___ on this bed.. (3)
10I ___ the horse yesterday so you can feed it today. (3)
11Has John been here yet? He told me he would ___ here by 8.45. (2)
12I got lost yesterday. I always ___ lost. (3)
14I wanted to ___ some shopping but it had already been done. (2)


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