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4We ____ a lot of churches on our holiday. (3)
5The pirate lost one and he now wears a black patch. (3)
8Will I do the housework ____ or just sit here and watch TV? (2)
9He was hit by a car. He was in a _____ of shock when I got to him. (5)
11Don't watch TV. Go out and ____ with your brother. (4)
13If I wanted any chair I would have said, 'Bring me a chair.' But I said, 'Bring me ____ chair in the corner.' (3)
14'___ this is your first time late, I will let it pass.' (2)
15The ball came _______ the window and broke a vase. (7)
16'Can you tell me the time, please?' 'Yes, it __ ten o'clock.' 'Thank you.' (2)
17Open the windows and let in some fresh ___ . (3)
18When we talk in class ____ teacher gets upset. (3)
19I liked that movie. It was better _____ the one we saw last week. (4)
20If ____ have to smoke please do it outside. (3)
22He phones you ___ often I think he must like you. (2)
23He drove off and ____ me standing on the road. (4)
24When I finish ______ I am going to be a pilot. (6)
26It is years since I last saw him. It was so _____ to see him again. (4)
27It was just the ______ day that I saw him. (5)
29It was because ___ what you said. (2)
30I did it all by my____ . (4)
32It is a little ______. It might be a rabbit. (6)
34Take your thumb ___ of your mouth when you talk to me. (3)

35What ____ can I see you again? (3)
36I have ___ go out tomorrow. (2)


1Was it a ____ drill or just a false alarm? (4)
2An atom is ____ small. (4)
3'I am learning English.' 'I am ____ .' (4)
4A lot of Australians live near the ___ . (3)
6I love going for a drive into the _______ at the weekend. (7)
7I will be speaking first and then you will ______ me. (6)
10My parents have been married 45 years. It is _____ anniversary tomorrow. (5)
11I don't want him to find his present. I will _____ it in the bedroom. (5)
12I will meet you ___ the restaurant. (2)
13'Ten dollars! I _______ you said eight.' (7)
17It was so big I thought it was ___ elephant. (2)

21I helped my uncle shear ____ his sheep. (3)
22Can you ____ me how to use this software, please? (4)
23Always _____ both ways before you walk across the road. (4)
24I failed the exam. I know I ______ have studied harder. (6)
25You will have to wait. I have to put ____ my shoes. (2)
26The heads of all the countries were there. It was a ______ occasion. (5)
28Why do you like him? What can ___ do that I can't? (2)
30When I ____ no, I mean no. (3)
31These jeans are too tight. I will have to ____ then out. (3)
33He won't talk to ____ because I won't go out with him. (2)

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