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1If you are going to the party, I'm going ____ . (3)
3The teachers at my ______ are very good. (6)
6I saw him ____ in Hamlet. (3)
8He took ___ my money. I have nothing left. (3)
9She hit him and gave him a black ____ . (3)
11There was ___ much noise I could not hear myself speak. (2)
12I beg to ______. I don't agree with your argument. (6)
14Sorry. Were you talking ____ me? (2)
15I met him last week. He is a big ____ . (3)
17I will need the car. _____ did you park it? (5)
21The restaurant is ________ the bank and a hairdresser. (7)
23I use my index finger to ______ . (5)
24I'm not that hungry. A _____ serving would have been enough. (5)
26That is ____ opinion and we are not going to change it. (3)
27He _____ (verb 'to be') in the bedroom. (2)
28Let's walk ____ the hill and see what the view is like. (2)
30In the ____, it is the deeds we do and not how much money we make. (3)
32The thief got a long gaol ________ . (8)
34My father and ______ will have been married for 25 years next week. (6)
35Please write your _____ and address on this form. (4)


1I visited Bill and Betty

yesterday. _____ garden is lovely. (5)
2I found it on top ___ the cabinet. (2)
3I might be late but you can ______ without me. (5)
4He can't do it alone. We will have to _____ him. (4)
5There is no one else here. I am the only ____ working today. (3)
6Don't change it. Leave it ___ it is. (2)
7It takes ____ to tango. (3)
10A _____ has twelve months. (4)
11When the fishermen come back from the ___ they always have a lot of fish. (3)
13He told me the horse would be _____ but it was last. (5)
16When I face south my back faces _____ . (5)
18I asked him but ____ said he did not have it. (2)
19I was in the restaurant ______ I was hungry. (7)
20We had our _______ taken by a local. (7)
21I will have to finish my homework ______ I can go to bed. (6)
22Yesterday, he ____ (verb 'to be') very nice to me. (3)
23This bag is too heavy. I will have to ____ it down. (3)
25There is ______ information available about that matter. (6)
29How much will you _____ for that dress? (4)
31There is ___ reason why I would tell you a lie. (2)
33My mother told me I ___ do anything with my life. (3)

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