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act all am an be because before between build can city cross do down earth end even farm follow form found four he head help here hot house is man no of on only our out press sentence spell this thought to was which you


1_____ street do you live in? (5)
3Please keep the dog ____ of the house. (3)
5If you complete the _____ , you will be able to join the class. (4)
7She will want to see him but __ won't want to see her. (2)
8It looks like rain. I should have brought __ umbrella. (2)
9I am learning how to _____ 1000 English words. (5)
12He told me he could not give me the job _____ if I had a car. (4)
14If you _____ down on the lid I till try to close the suitcase. (5)
15My uncle has a _____ and grows wheat. (4)
16I am so angry. Get out ___ my sight. (2)
17There are no cars coming. We can _____ the road now. (5)
19It gets very ____ here in the summer. (3)
20They are both beautiful. I can't pick ______ them. (7)
21If this is your pencil I will give it back to ___ . (3)
22I'm sorry I am late. I _______ the class started at 10.00. (7)
24Where ___ Alan? He was here a minute ago. (2)
25I was ____ yesterday but I did not see you. (4)
26The students were very polite. They ____ thanked the teacher. (3)
27Will you marry me? Yes or ___ ? (2)
28The farmer had twenty sheep but lost sixteen. How many did he have left? (4)
29If I have to ____ it will you pay me?. (2)
31Do you think I ____ speaking English well? (2)
32When will you take me ___ a movie? (2)

can't go on holiday ______ I don't have enough money. (7)
36When I bend _____ I get a pain in my back. (4)


1The Doctor _____ (be) here last night. (3)
2He helped me pain the house. He was a great ____ . (4)
4You sit in that chair and I will sit in _____ one. (4)
6Who was that ___ I saw you with this morning. (3)
10I am late. I will have to ____ this talk now. (3)
11Did you arrive _____ me or after me. (6)
13The moon revolves around the _____ . (5)
15She has a lovely dog. It will ______ her everywhere. (6)
16Today is Wednesday. There are ____

two days before Saturday. (4)
17London is a big ____ . (4)
18Always start a ________ with a capital letter. (8)
20He exercises with weights. He has a good _____ . (5)
23Every _____ in this street looks the same. (5)
25He was nodding his ____ but he was saying no. (4)
26If I have to ____ in the play I want to be the leading man. (3)
28He was very happy after he ______ the lost sheep. (5)
30We have been married 20 years. We had ____ wedding anniversary last week. (3)
33Be careful when you are walking ___ the road. (2)
34Where will you ___ at six o'clock tonight. (2)
35My husband is very clever. He ____ fix almost anything. (3)

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