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again also an answer are cause city country do do not does end even eye get give go her house if just large little near need no of on one or out picture real right sea start thing thought through to up year


1If you ____ it to me I will see if I can fix it for you. (4)
2Do you want the yellow pen __ the red one? (2)
3I won't be long. I will only be a ______ while. (6)
4It is raining. I should have bought ___ umbrella. (2)
5'What is it?' 'I don't know! It is a _____ to turn a nut.' (5)
7Will you ____ any help when you paint the house? (4)
9I told him to turn left but he turned _____ instead. (5)
11Those people ___ not English. They're Australian. (3)
12It was on top ___ the 'fridge when I last saw it. (2)
13I can't make the cake_____ if I had enough flour because I am out of eggs. (4)
15You weren't born here. What ______ are you from? (7)
19Her son must go to that school because her daughter ____ .. (4)
21I nearly died! The truck went straight _____ the kitchen and finished up on the back lawn. (7)
24I was born ___ the second of November. (2)
26I can't get the phone will someone else ______ it please? (6)
27I don't feel very well today. I think I will ___ to the doctor's. (2)
28If you can get here at 8.30 tomorrow morning, you can ______ immediately. (5)
30I didn't like the book. There wasn't one ______ in it. (7)
33You can say 'don't' but you can also say '_____'. It is the same thing. (2,3)
35If we invite your grandfather we will _____ have to invite my uncle. (4)
36There are twelve months in a ____ . (4)


1If I don't ____ a feed soon I will die. (3)
2The farmer had nine pigs and sold nine. How many did he have left. (3)
3It has six bedrooms. It is a _____ house. (5)
4If he rings me _____, I will hang up. (5)
6I might not need you but what number will I ring ___ I want you. (2)
7The shop is not far from here. It is ____ the corner of the next street. (4)
8It is an interesting book. I don't want to get to the ____ . (3)
10We are out of supplies. We will have to go __ town tomorrow and get stocked up again. (2)
14The pirate lost one and he now wears a black patch. (3)
16You should take the batteries ____ of the camera if you aren't going to use it for a while. (3)
17It's just a ______ but shouldn't

you wear a suit? (7)
18The car engine just stopped. The mechanic is trying to find out the ______ now. (5)
20You have to be careful of rust if you live near the ____ . (3)
22I don't think my girlfriend is very happy with me. I told ___ she was getting fat. (3)
23Why don't you live next to us? The neighbours have their _____ up for sale. (5)
25The class started at nine and he _____ got there on time. (4)
29This is not a fire drill. The roof is alight. This is the _____ thing! (4)
31I have to see my lawyer tomorrow. I will have to go to the _____ to see her. (4)
32You are marching too slowly pick ___ the pace. (2)
33Why ___ you always watch the football on television? (2)
34I'm sorry. We can't go out tonight. There is ___ money. (2)

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