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act all am animal call can change down end every eye go great he how if in into just let little live name new of on only other out part people picture plant school sea sentence small so tell the thought to two up year you


3It was very hot, __ I opened the window. (2)
4He wants the key. Can ___ give it to him? (3)
5It was a lovely day yesterday but today is very miserable. What a ______ from yesterday. (6)
8I love the sound of the surf. I would love to live close to the ___ . (3)
9He was offered a part in the play but he told them he could not ___ . (3)
10I will only buy it ___ the price is right. (2)
11I have a lot of relations. There will be a lot of ______ at my birthday party. (6)
12We have just finished training our dog. Now, if we ____ it, it will come. (4)
14I saw the car accident and have to go to the Police Station and ____ the officer what I saw. (4)
16I bought some new rose cuttings. I will have to get my husband to _____ then for me. (5)
18It gets very cold here __ winter. (2)
19He fell of his bike when he was riding it ____ the hill. (2)
20Are you doing anything __ Saturday evening? (2)
21I bought you a present but left it on ___ bus. (3)
23Always start a written ________ with a capital letter. (8)
26I can't see. I have something in my ___ . (3)
27I am sure I can do the job if you show me ____ to work the machine. (3)
28He is learning to walk and keeps falling ____ . (4)
31The farmer had five sheep and sold three. How many does he have left. (3)
32I am so unhappy. If ____ my boyfriend would ring me I would feel better. (4)
34They are both pretty girls. You

talk to the tall one and I will talk to the ______ one. (5)
36It was a great party. ___ my sisters were there. (3)
37My grandmother's mother is my _____ grandmother. (5)
38Look at me when I am talking ____ you. (2)


1He hit me and took my wallet but the Police wouldn't lock him up. I don't think that is very ____ . (4)
2What marks do I have to get to get ____ university? (4)
3They have a young dog. It is very _____ . (5)
4I know the day and month of your birth but I don't know which ____ . (4)
5If I am able to open this tin ____, we will have something to eat. (3)
6I went to the zoo yesterday and I saw an unusual ______ . (6)
7I have no petrol. We will have to __ to the party by taxi. (2)

11I just got a new digital camera. Let me take a ______ of you and the baby. (7)
13'Which finger did he break?' 'He broke the ______ finger on his right hand.' (6)
14I never saw you at school yesterday. I _______ you told me you would be there. (7)
15She is a great singer. I went to one of her concerts and saw her ____ . (4)
16I am still learning English. What ____ of my email didn't you understand? (4)
17I __ not married. (2)
22It was a great party. I am sure _____ guest had a good time. (5)
23I can't stay. I have to pick up my children from their ______ . (6)
24I haven't seen those shoes before. Are they ___ ? (3)
25I don't like this movie. I will be glad when the ____ comes. (3)
29Ouch! That hurt. I just hit the top ___ my head on the door. (2)
30He said he wants to see me again but I did not get his ____ . (4)
32I can't see anything. Who turned ___ the lights. (3)
33If you ___ me try it on, I might buy it. (3)
35Bill is not here yet. Is __ coming? (2)

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