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Word List

added answer arrest asked die died discuss dry dye end ended erased experience ironed order registered shop tied


1When I ___ the phone I say our number but when I answered it today I said my name. (6)
4I thought my dog would never ___ but he died last night. (3)
6I want to ___ as much of life as I can. Older people have experienced more of life than I have. (10)
9She (tie) up the birthday present with nice paper and ribbons. (4)
11I (erase) my incorrect answers as I was using a pencil. (6)
13He ordered me around all day. If he gives me an ___ today I will scream. (5)
14She dyed her hair black but I want her to ___ it blonde again. (3)
15He said his father (die) suddenly. (4)
16I have dried my hair. Now I will ___ my clothes in the sun. (3)


1The policeman said he would ___ him if he refused to get out of

the car. He would not get out so he was arrested. (6)
2I shopped all day yesterday and I want to ___ again today. (4)
3Sally ___ for the course last week and told me to register now. (10)
4We discussed politics last night and plan to ___ history tonight. (7)
5I told her I wanted to ___ our relationship but she said she thought I ended it weeks ago. (3)
7If he had not (end) the conversation, I was going to end it anyway. (5)
8Have you (add) any sugar to this coffee? (5)
10Although I (iron) my shirt this morning it is creased now. (6)
12He (ask) me if I could start work next Monday. (5)

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