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Word List

add addressed colour dance dictate edited learn learned learnt lengthened need nurse rent stretched tie weeded


1Yesterday, I (address) a group of teachers. (9)
5I liked the ___ of her hair. She coloured it differently each week. (6)
7She told her boss she had (edit) his letter. (6)
8Learned and ___ are both OK. (6)
9The sleeves of her dress were longer. She said she (lengthen) them last night. (10)
12We had to ___ our name to a list if we wanted to join the class so I added my name. (3)
13We have always rented apartments and now we have to ___ again. (4)
14He said we would only ___ a week but we told him we needed two weeks. (4)
15We both finished the race in the same time. It was a ___. I have never run a tied race before. (3)


2She wore my jumper and (stretch) it. Now it is too big for me. (9)
3My boss dictated a letter yesterday. He said he had a lot of letters to ___ today. (7)
4The lady knelt on the grass and (weed) the garden. (6)
6I have (learn) a lot since I

started doing these crosswords. (7)
9If I had learned English at school, I would not have to ___ it now. (5)
10She nursed her baby while she feed him. She said she likes to ___ him. (5)
11We danced all night and I hope we can ___ again tonight. (5)

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