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Word List

ate began bend build did do eat hide leave let lie ran rewrite rewritten run see set understand was win

1I ____ houses. I built two last month. (5)
3I ran for the bus yesterday and I will have to ___ for it again today. (3)
4He lay in bed all day yesterday. I won't let him ___ in bed today. (3)
5I won the race yesterday. I hope I ___ the race today. (3)
6Have you done your homework or will you ___ it now. (2)
8I rewrote the script this morning, there is no need to ___ it again. (7)
10I ___ learning English last year. If you begin now, we can study together. (5)
11I set an exam paper yesterday and now I have to ___ another one now. (3)
12I think he understood me yesterday but I will ask him if he can ___ me, today. (10)
15She told me to ___ my money so I hid it in a shoe. (4)

16I ate too much, I can't ___ anything else. (3)


1This pipe is bent. Did you ____ it. (4)
2John left last night. You can ____ now. (5)
3Have you ____ your homework? I told you to rewrite it. (9)
4You let her play tennis yesterday. Will you ___ her play

today. (3)
7I saw her last week but I won't ___ her today. (3)
8He can run very fast. He ___ in a race last month.. (3)
9He will be here today because his name ___ on the list. (3)
13___ you make your bed or will I have to do it myself. (3)
14I (eat) two apples yesterday. (3)

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