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FREE ON-LINE BUSINESS. (IPTL) is an exciting new web site that pays its members to participate in short interactive 10-question quizzes on a variety of subjects. It is fun, educational and addictive. What is more, it also offers you the opportunity to build a full or part-time business with absolutely no investment. 

As a member of IPTL you will have the opportunity of building a healthy second income, from home, on your computer. It is simple and fun and all members of the family can assist. If you reside in an isolated area or, by choice, prefer to build the business via the internet only, you have the opportunity to build a business just as successful as someone who wishes to build it on a face to face basis.

IPTL is completely free as it is supported by advertisers and sponsors.

Income, apart from your own participation in the quizzes, will come from your downline, an astounding 10 levels deep.


A downline refers to members who join IPTL through your introduction or the introduction of someone whom you or another person in your downline introduced.

What is meant by 'levels'? Your first level in your downline consists of members who joined 'through you'; either by you personally introducing the opportunity to them or by various other means which are covered in my e-mail, mentioned later. Your second level are those members who joined through the effort of someone on your first level; third level, are those introduced by members on your second level and so on for ten levels deep. The IPTL site has a calculator which can show you how many members you can develop in your ten levels.


The good news is that IPTL does not ask you for any payment to join, in fact, immediately you become a member, you have the opportunity to start building your bank balance. 

Before we go any further, it is important to decide whether you are prepared to pay the price or not. The price in this case, is time, yes, you get nothing for nothing. 

Let me point out, that I am only a Member of IPTL. I am not a partner or director of the business, and what follows are my suggestions only.

You will learn as you peruse the IPTL web-site, that IPTL awards points to members for participating in the quizzes. It may be your choice to become a member purely for the pleasure and education value of IPTL, or, you may realize it is something you would like to share with friends and relations and finally you may desire the additional income from building an IPTL business.

If you use the site for pleasure and education, (although the statistics the site will keep for you will be of interest,) collecting the points for questions will not be important to you.

Where you decide to share the site with friends and neighbors, you will find by achieving 500 points a month  your friends endeavors will mean additional bonus points to your monthly total, and remember, these points are turned into cash at the end of each month.

To build a substantial income, your initial points goal will be 4500 points a month; this is where your business starts to take off. As a free Member you may only convert 4500 points to cash a month. However, at the end of the month, the nice people at ItPaysToLearn offer you the opportunity to exchange those points for a new front-line member. Because of the strong advertising base IPTL has, they are obviously receiving applications from many people interested in building a business and this offer is made by them, to you,  as an extra incentive.  Now, as you achieve 4500 points each month, instead of cashing those points you can build your front line with a minimum of one new member a month. You are building your business by merely taking the quizzes.

Now, its over to you. Your first step is to go to read everything available on that site, join as a member, then, if you want to build your business fast. without cost, come back to this site and send me your details and I will send you an e-mail with all the information you will need to get up and running fast.

This e-mail will include:

How to submit your IPTL site to the search engines and directories.
How and where to build your own free web site to promote your business.
How to get a simple URL for free, e.g.
How and where to get a free web editor to assist in building your free web site.
Where to get free HTML tuition.

Note: When forwarding your name and e-mail address, please use the name under which you registered with IPTL.

Yes, I want the information I need to build a cash flow.

If you were introduced to IPTL by a member other than myself, but a member in my downline, you are most welcome to the information contained in my e-mail on building the business for free. To receive the e-mail, send me your e-mail address, your name and the joining name and e-mail address of the member who introduced you. E-mail me at: Jim Lake.



You can e-mail me at: