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Word List

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3Please ___ your pens down. (3)
5I would not buy that, ____ if I had the money. (4)
6If that is yours, you ___ it. (3)
8I have a cut on the back ___ my hand. (2)
9I am going out with John tonight and I ___ went out with him last night. (4)
10It was raining, ___ I took an umbrella. (2)
12We always end a _____ with a full stop. (8)
16We ____ having a party tonight. (3)
17You speak English better ____ I do. (4)
18I will have to do some ____ crossword puzzles. (4)
19If you ___ it now, I will let you go to the movies. (2)
21The sky is clear. There are ___ clouds. (2)
22What ___ is a new language if you don't use it? (3)
23When ___ talks to me I don't listen to him. (2)
24Who ___ a spare pen? (3)


1She speaks English very _____ . (4)
2If I get there ____ you, I will wait for you. (6)
3I like to talk to _____ from other countries. (6)
4Would you like ___ come to the party with me? (2)
7It is a nice day now, but it ___ foggy this morning. (3)
9We say a big elephant but we say ___ elephant. (2)
11The ballerina stood ___ her toes. (2)
12When we get the table ready for a

meal we ___ the table. (3)
13Is your house ____ here or is it a long way away. (4)
14There was a large ____ of people at the meeting. (6)
15Soil and ____ are the same thing. (5)
16My brother ____ I went sailing yesterday. (3)
20There were two people there but I only knew ___ of them. (3)
22Our parents are going to take both of ___ to the beach. (2)

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