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Word List

be between came eye father head how last let long make me men name never new no now number of on one self so state thing


1Which one ___ you threw the ball? (2)
2He is such a bad swimmer he always comes ____ . (4)
4What will you _____ your baby. (4)
6You wink with it.. (3)
7It sits on your shoulders and has two ears, two eyes, a nose and a mouth. (4)
8The man standing _____ the two ladies is my father. (7)
11He will come again today because he _____ yesterday. (4)
13We had no petrol ___ we caught the bus. (2)
14'A' is a letter and '6' is a ______ . (6)
16He talked for such a ____ time, I thought he would never stop. (4)
17I have ___ idea what I will do when I leave school. (2)
19If she is your mother, he must be your ______ . (6)
20I haven't done it yet. I will do it ____ . (3)


1I have only been to ____ of their meetings. (3)
3Your bedroom is in a very untidy _____. You will have to keep it clean and tidy. (5)
4He had his car fixed. It looks like ____ again. (3)
5I will ____ more money if I learn to speak and write English. (4)
7If I knew ___ to write good English I could get a better job. (3)
8I can ___ anyone I want to. (2)

9I don't know its name but it is a _____ you open a tin can with. A can opener? (5)
10English is a language that _____ stops growing. (5)
12I love my dog and he loves __ . (2)
13Normally used as a suffix: my____; your____; her____; him____. I like to open the mail my____ . (4)
15There were some women there but many more ___ . (3)
16If you ____ the dog off the chain, he will run away. (3)
18My birthday is __ the 2nd November. (2)

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