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Word List

about all am and back be because been before by came could for have he hell her him in into is it just like little look new of on only or other our out she so their they two us we where which who with you

1Did you come here __ bus or did you walk? (2)
3This is not heaven it is ____ . (4)
7John and I would like you to come to ___ home for dinner tomorrow. (3)
8I drove the car ____ the garage. (4)
9He wants to see __ but we don't want to see him. (2)
10Sally went to the shop. She will be ____ in half an hour. (4)
11That is a small mobile phone. It is very ______ . (6)
12It was very hot, __ I opened the window. (2)
13He doesn't like her ___ she doesn't like him. (3)
14Jill is in Ireland. She has been there ___ three days. (3)
15I had three pens, then I lost one and now I only have ___ . (3)
16I haven't seen those shoes before. Are they ___ ? (3)
18Do you want me to come with you __ shall I wait here? (2)
19Bill is not here yet. Is __ coming? (2)
20I only have one spoon __ sugar, thank you. (2)
21_______ the water wasn't clean, we didn't go swimming. (7)
23I ____ watching football but my wife doesn't. (Rhymes with bike.) (4)
24I can't find my keys. Where are ____ ? (4)
26Are you doing anything __ Saturday evening? (2)
28'Do ___ know that man?' 'Yes, I work with him.' (3)
29I ____ here yesterday but no one was here. (Rhymes with same.) (4)
31I visited Bill and Betty yesterday. T_____ garden is lovely. (5)
34Ann knows us. __ know Ann. (2)
35I have two pens. _____ one do you

want to borrow? (5)
37You sit in this chair and I will sit in the _____ one. (5)


1Canberra is a beautiful city. Have you ____ there. (4)
2I don't know David's wife. Do you know ___ ? (3)
4If you ____ out the window you will see my new car. (4)
5I left my watch at home. C____ you tell me the time, please? (5)
6I don't want a lot of paint. ____ enough to do the fence. (4)
8'Is your friend English?' 'Yes, he __.' (2)
10My brother is older than I. He was born ______ me. (6)
12Margaret likes music. ___ plays the piano. (3)

13'Are you tired?' 'Yes, I __.' (2)
17I can't find my camera. Did you see _____ I left it? (5)
18I lost one of my keys. Now I ____ have one left. (4)
20My daughter is not home. She is ___ . (3)
21I will __ at class next Thursday. (2)
22Some people talk _____ their work all the time. (5)
25'Do you know that man?' 'Yes, I work with ___ .' (3)
27Will you come to the party ____ your husband? (4)
30I don't want any of those chocolates. You can have ___ of them (3)
32I want to ring your brother. Do you ____ his phone number? (4)
33Is __ raining? No, it's fine. (2)
34I saw you with a man yesterday. ___ was he? (3)
36Do you often go out __ the evening? (2)

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